Contemporary, Ingenious and Sustainable Baby Products

Angel Baby Box Pte Ltd was founded in 2016 by Dr Sharon Heng and Ms Alice Au, when they launched the luxurious Angel Babybox®, inspired by the Finnish baby box which for the last 75 years has been gifted to new parents by the Finnish State. The Finnish baby box, a cardboard box full of essential maternity products, can be used as a bed during those initial weeks and it is believed that this has helped to decrease infant mortality rates in Finland. Inspired by the difference Finland has made to the infant mortality rates, Sharon and Alice designed the Angel Babybox® - taking the Finnish babybox to the next level of luxury and longevity.

Sharon and Alice’s initial product, the Angel Babybox®, has been a huge success and has gained awards and recognition on an international level. Driven by a continued passion to design both luxurious and innovative baby products, Sharon and Alice decided to relaunch the brand as KIKI & SEBBY® in order to push their business forwards and grow their offering to parents.

The name KIKI & SEBBY® was inspired by Sharon’s two young children, Kiki and Sebby who also personally tested numerous the range of their products. The KIKI & SEBBY® brand is set to grow and develop alongside these two children who inspired them to take the business further.

Both Sharon and Alice feel very strongly about the environment and this is at the heart of the products that they design and bring to market. After all, looking after the world we live in now, protects it for our children. Sharon and Alice are proud to be doing their utmost to ensure that our children can live in harmony with the environment and Mother Nature, for Kiki and Sebby’s sake as well future generations.

Alongside the founders, a team of talented designers have been developing a range of exciting new products using sustainable but high-quality materials. The Angel Babybox® was just the foundation, the roots if you like, of a growing brand which will appeal to families looking for sustainable yet beautifully luxurious products. 2022 saw the launch of a textile range of gorgeous muslins, sleeping bags, comforters and much more. The excitement grows for Sharon and Alice as 2023 saw the launch of the SBROUT®an ingeniously innovative piece of modular furniture - a piece of furniture that encompasses everything KIKI & SEBBY® stands for as the SBROUT® grows with your child reflecting the fully sustainable and longevity message the pair wish to portray,

KIKI & SEBBY® are fast becoming a must-have brand for parents around the world, but it is also sought after by discerning Celebs too. The team is proud that every single product of their range have won international recognition and awards. KIKI & SEBBY® Mission Statement is ‘To create sustainable, safe and luxurious baby products through design, innovation using carefully researched materials.’


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