What is Sustainable Parenting?

Sustainable parenting is becoming increasingly important in today’s world, with all the environmental challenges we are facing. Taking steps to make small, conscious decisions that will benefit the environment while also providing a safe and healthy environment for our children is central to all that we do and create.


How can we, as parents, do our bit? Here at KIKI & SEBBY®, we share some tips on how to bring sustainability into your daily parenting routine.

First, think about the products you use on a daily basis. Are they eco-friendly? Look for items made from organic, natural materials, and choose products with minimal packaging. Purchasing good quality products that can be reused or passed on to friends and family after we have finished using them will help reduce the amount of waste generated. Our best selling muslins are long lasting and can be used for so many things – they certainly get a tick when it comes to sustainability! SBROUT is made from rubberwood which has been harvested in a sustainable manner (take a look at our blog post here to find out more about this).

Second, be mindful of the energy you use. Consider switching to LED lighting and unplugging electronics when not in use. You can also try to reduce your family’s reliance on cars, and instead opt for walking, biking, or taking public transport whenever possible.

Third, incorporate sustainable practices in your home. Start composting and make an effort to reduce your food waste. Use non-toxic cleaning products and avoid single-use plastics. Finally, get your family involved in eco-friendly activities, such as volunteering with local organisations or going on nature hikes.


By making small changes in our daily life, we can help create a healthier and more sustainable world for future generations. Sustainable parenting is a great way to set a positive example for our children and demonstrate the importance of protecting the environment. Let’s take the time to explore more sustainable options and make conscious decisions that will benefit our family and the planet today! 

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baby being cradled by mother


  为⼈⽗⺟是⼀种转变,会带来⽆数的情绪、挑战和喜悦。在不眠之夜、尿布更换和喂养时间 表中,⽗⺟很容易感到不知所措,与当下脱节。 然⽽,正念的练习为⽗⺟提供了⼀个强⼤的⼯具,可以培养与宝宝的临在感和联系,促进更 深厚的亲⼦关系和更丰富的育⼉体验。 正念在育⼉中的⼒量 正念的核⼼是不加判断地完全呈现和投入当下的练习。它⿎励⼈们关注⾃⼰的想法、感受和 ⾝体感觉,培养⼀种意识和接纳感。 如果将正念应⽤于养育⼦女,正念可以成为⼀种宝贵的资源,⽤于应对照顾新⽣⼉过程中的 起起伏伏,促进以⼀种更脚踏实地、反应更迅速的⽅法来应对初为⽗⺟的挑战。 培养存在感 养育⼦女的正念的⼀个基本⽅⾯就是培养临场感。在照顾婴⼉的过程中,这涉及到对婴⼉的 需求、暗⽰和非语⾔交流的充分关注。 通过⽤⼼感知每次互动,⽗⺟可以更好地理解和回应宝宝的信号,促进更和谐、反应更灵敏 的护理动态。 ⼩贴⼠在喂奶时,专注于与宝宝在⼀起。注意他们的暗⽰、肢体语⾔以及喂养他们的亲⼦体 验。这可以在⽗⺟和孩⼦之间建立更深的联系。 ⾃我保健的重要性 此外,正念养育强调⽗⺟⾃我保健和⾃我同情的重要性。照顾新⽣⼉对⽗⺟的⾝体和情感都 有很⼤的要求,因此⽗⺟必须优先考虑⾃⼰的健康,以便全⼼全意地陪伴宝宝。 冥想、深呼吸和⾃我反省等正念练习可以帮助⽗⺟培养平静感和复原⼒,使他们能够更加从 容优雅地应对初为⽗⺟的挑战。 提⽰:每天花⼀些时间练习正念冥想。这可以很简单,比如找个安静的地⽅,闭上眼睛,专 注于呼吸。这种练习可以让您在照顾宝宝时感觉更专注、更有存在感。 将正念融入⽇常⽣活 将正念融入新⽣⼉的⽇常⽣活可以有多种形式。例如,简单的换尿布或喂奶动作都可以成为 进⾏⼼灵沟通的机会。 ⽗⺟在处理这些任务时,要有临场感和专注⼒,这样就能为宝宝创造⼀个充满关爱和⽀持的 环境,促进更和谐、反应更迅速的护理动态。 ⼩贴⼠:把换尿布当作⼀次⼼灵沟通的体验。将注意⼒集中在照顾宝宝时的⾝体感觉上,如 湿⼱的温度、宝宝的咕咕声以及您在过程中的眼神交流。这可以将常规任务变成有意义的互 动。 新⽣⼉襁褓的艺术 ⽤襁褓⼩⼼翼翼地包裹婴⼉的过程,为⽗⺟提供了⼀个⽤⼼参与和培养互动的机会。通过专 注于织物的感觉、婴⼉的动作和⾃⼰的呼吸,⽗⺟可以为⼩宝宝创造⼀个平静⽽安全的环境 。 这种⽤⼼的襁褓⽅法不仅能让婴⼉感到⾝体上的舒适,还能促进⽗⺟和孩⼦之间更深层次的 情感联系。 ⼩贴⼠:给新⽣⼉包襁褓时,要温柔细⼼。花点时间与宝宝交流,说⼀些安抚的话,并保持 眼神接触。这可以给宝宝带来安全感和温暖。 情感调适与响应式交流 正念育⼉法还强调情感调适和回应性沟通的重要性。通过练习⽤⼼聆听和不带判断的观察, ⽗⺟可以更好地了解宝宝的需求和情绪,从⽽培养出⼀种更具同理⼼和⽀持性的关系。 这种深层次的调适使⽗⺟能够以促进安全感和信任感的⽅式回应宝宝,为宝宝健康的情感发 展奠定基础。 ⼩贴⼠注意宝宝的暗⽰和非语⾔交流。对宝宝的声⾳、⾯部表情和肢体语⾔做出温暖和安抚 的回应。这有助于在您和宝宝之间建立牢固的情感纽带。 耐⼼和接受 此外,正念养育⿎励⽗⺟以⼀种耐⼼和接纳的态度来⾯对初为⽗⺟时不可避免的挑战。通过 承认和接受照顾新⽣⼉过程中不可避免的起伏,⽗⺟可以培养⼀种更具弹性和平衡的⼼态, 从⽽减轻压⼒,提⾼陪伴宝宝的能⼒。 ⼩贴⼠在充满挑战的时刻练习⾃我同情和耐⼼。深呼吸并提醒⾃⼰,感到不知所措是正常的 ,这可以帮助您以⼀种平静和理解的⼼态去⾯对困难。请记住,有时感到不知所措是正常的 ,只要承认这些感受,您就能以更平和、更稳定的⼼态应对宝宝。 营造⼼灵环境 […]
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